Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

One of my goals with LearnVue is to build a community of mutual trust and learning from one another.

You may have noticed that there was no cookie banner on this site - that's because LearnVue doesn't use any non-essential cookies


Instead of Google Analytics, our we use Plausible for our analytics. Plausible does not add any tracking data or cookies into your browser, meaning that LearnVue does not track users across sessions nor store any way to track you across multiple visits. In fact, you can see LearnVue's analytics (this has everything that I see too).

For more information on how Plausible works to protect privacy, check out their data policy.

So what cookies are being used

Currently, the only cookies being used are third party cookies from embedded StackBlitz on our challenges. This is essential in order to run our StackBlitz demos and if your browser refuses all cookies, some things may not function properly.

This may change with future courses in order to properly authenticate users using SSR, but this policy will be updated when the time comes.