The Vue 3 Essentials

Everything you need to know to make awesome Vue apps in 2021.

Learn the fundamentals of Vue 3  from creating your application using Vite all the way to building and deploying your final application.

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The Vue 3 Essentials Course

Welcome to the Vue 3 Essentials Course. The perfect resource for new Vue developers or Vue developers looking to get more familiar with Vue 3.

In this course, we’ll cover topics like:

– Creating your Vue app with Vite – the new build tool from the creators of Vue.
– The Composition API and the Options API
– Coding Single File Components 
– The basics of Vue Router 
– New Vue 3 features like <teleport> and writing reusable composable functions.
Building and deploying your App
– Much, much, more..

In our project, we’re going to be making a Recipe App by querying the free MealDB database. Here’s one of the pages that this course will teach you how to build. 


You'll receive...

  • 3+ hours of Vue tutorials
  • Access to all code resources from the course
  • A list of 25+ ideas for coding projects to learn Vue 3.

Matt Maribojoc


Hey! I’m Matt and I’ll be guiding you through the Vue 3 Essentials course.

I run LearnVue.co – a Vue community of over 3500 developers and love web development!

Hope to see you with us and I’m excited to help you learn Vue 3!

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Launching March 2021

The Vue 3 Essentials Course will, at the latest, launch by March 2021. 

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