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Understanding Vue Transitions & Animations with Examples

Animations are a great way to give site visitors a better user experience. Luckily for developers, VueJS animations take just minutes to set up.

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Vue Skeleton Loading Screen using Suspense Components

Vue skeleton loading screens show a content outline while waiting for data to load - providing a great user experience and making load times feel shorter.

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Top 15+ Professional Vue Admin Dashboard Templates - 2021

Vue admin dashboard templates save so much time in development. Here are some of our top Vue dashboard templates to speed up your development.

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How to Add Drag and Drop to Your VueJS Project

Adding Drag and Drop functionality is a great way to make your Vue apps feel more natural and user friendly.

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Animated Active Menu Highlights in VueJS

Highlighting the active element in a menu is a great way to provide visual feedback to your site’s visitors. Let’s add animation to make it even better.

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A Quick Vue3 Infinite Scrolling Component

An infinite scrolling component is when content is loaded continuously as someone scrolls down your web app. Learn how to build one in Vue3!

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A Beautiful Parallax Scrolling Effect in VueJS

A parallax scrolling effect is a beautiful way to add depth to your designs and to really make your site stand out. Check out how we implemented it in Vue3.

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8 Free Vue Icon Libraries to Pretty Up Your Web App

Icons (when used properly) are a great way to grab a visitor's attention and give them visual cues. With the rise of VueJS, especially with the anticipation for…

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6 Vue Loader Animation Libraries to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Vue Loader Libraries are a great way to reduce bounce rate by holding attention so the loading times seems much shorter than it would with a static screen.

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