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Top 15+ Professional Vue Admin Dashboard Templates - 2021

Admin dashboards are a common use for modern Javascript applications. While you could always spend hours and hours to design your own Vue admin dashboard from scratch, there are so many templates out there that will save you so much time.

Not only do these help save time, but they come with

  • Built in components for common uses cases

  • Consistent stylings across different views

  • Responsive design built in

  • Support and documentation

Here are some of my favorite Vue admin dashboards that are out there now.

If there are any admin dashboards that you think I’m missing on this list, please leave a comment and let me know!

Disclaimer: some of the following links are affiliate links. This doesn’t cost you anything, but helps support the free content on learnvue.co

Alright let’s jump right into it.

1. Vue Black Dashboard Pro

Vue Black Dashboard Pro is a Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard that comes with dozens of components, custom elements, plugins, and example code that will be suited to perfectly match your design needs.

In my opinion, the default color schemes are really aesthetic and give your application a certain level of professionalism and polish.

One of the things that I love about this dashboard is that it comes with both a dark mode and a light mode. This toggleable feature really adds that extra layer of customization that can make an application stand out.

Vue Black Dashboard Pro is built on top of vue-cli and vue-router and contains some of the best documentation that I’ve seen from an online dashboard template.

This is definitely one of my favorite – if not the sole favorite – dashboard template.

Top Features:

  • Bootstrap 4 based admin dashboard

  • Well documented with lots of examples

  • 200+ custom elements

  • Sketch, Vue, SASS, and HTML source files

  • Responsive design

  • Dark mode and light mode

Live Demo | Learn More

2. Vue Paper Dashboard 2 Pro

Just looking through the example pages of Vue Paper Dashboard 2 Pro, you can see the attention to detail from the plugins all the way to the different components and elements.

One thing I really appreciate about this dashboard is how organized the codebase is. The files make it super intuitive to get up and running.

Top Features:

  • Well documented files

  • Bootstrap 4 admin template

  • Responsive design

  • 160+ custom elements

  • Photoshop files for designers

Live Demo | Learn More

3. Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro

As the name suggests, Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro is built with Bootstrap 4 and VueJS.

Its design is sleek and the codebase itself is easy to work in assuming you have some level of Vue experience.

One aspect of the Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard that I really like is that you can customize the sidebar between a variety of colors, background images, and other styles.

This feature really allows developers to tailor the dashboard to their specific project needs. Giving a customized feel without hours of extra programming.

Top Features:

  • Bootstrap 4 based admin dashboard

  • 160 custom elements

  • Responsive Design

  • Highly customizable sidebar menu

Live Demo | Learn More

4. Sing App Vue

Sing App Vue is a great admin template that is built using Vue2 and Bootstrap 4. Personally, I really like the style of this dashboard and love the modern design principles it follows.

Top Features:

  • Fully Responsive

  • 8 Charts Library and 2 Dashboards

  • E-Commerce Section

  • Fully Documented Codebase

Live Demo | Learn More

5. Vue Paper Dashboard

This FREE dashboard is a great starting place if you want to learn more about the quality of Creative Tim assets.

Built with Vue2 and Bootstrap 3, this basic dashboard template is excellent for prototypes and proof concepts.

Vue Paper only has 16 elements compared to 150+ like the paid Creative Tim assets, but for free – it’s still a great download.

Top Features:

  • Free download

  • 16+ custom elements

  • Bootstrap 3 admin template

  • Responsive design

Live Demo | Learn More

6. CoPilot

CoPilot is another free, Bootstrap-based responsive admin dashboard template. As an open source project, getting started in CoPilot is as easy as cloning the Github repository and going at it!

One thing I really like about CoPilot is the nice loader animations at the top of the page. The progress bars when loading different components really makes the app feel modern and polished.

Top Features:

  • Open source

  • Bootstrap based

  • Responsive design

  • Clean and intuitive user interface

  • Quick setup

Live Demo | Learn More

7. Vuetify Material Dashboard Pro

The Vuetify Material Dashboard is an excellent choice for Vue developers who have had experience with the Vuetify framework.

Not only does the template look amazing, but it also leverages the Material Design specifications to create a clean, approachable user interface. The colors are awesome, the template is easy to customize, and overall, everything is just well made.

One really cool thing about this dashboard template is that it comes with Vuex to handle state management. Vuex is one of the primary Vue libraries that is used globally, and the fact that this template comes with it built in is a huge plus.

Top Features:

  • Built with Vuetify

  • Has built-in support for Vuex

  • Highly customizable template

  • 200+ custom elements

  • Responsive design

Live Demo | Learn More

8. Vue White Dashboard

Vue White Dashboard is a free Bootstrap 4 admin template. With 16 free elements, 3 custom plugins, and 7 example pages, it’s a great starting point for people just looking for a free way to get their dashboard tested.

The design of Vue White Dashboard is well thought out. All of the elements go together seamlessly to create a beautiful minimal interface.

Top Features:

  • Free

  • Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard

  • Fully responsive design

  • 16 custom elements

Live Demo | Learn More

9. Vue Chuck Admin

This open source Vue admin dashboard is built on top of the ChuckCSS Framework.

Compared to some of the other options on this, Vue Chuck Admin is really easy to approach – the main dashboard example only has one dashboard page with customizable widgets.

There are also lots of Vue libraries like vue-router and Vuex already added into the code.

While it may not be as “ready out the box”, it really gives developers extra flexibility in the layout, design, and structure of their dashboard.

Top Features:

  • Open Source

  • Highly customizable

  • Built in Vue libraries

Live Demo | Learn More

10. CoreUI Vue

CoreUI Vue is CoreUI’s free Vue dashboard template. Built on top of Bootstrap, it offers over 100 custom elements such as buttons, cards, image carousels, and so much more to really make the development process painless.

I really like the style of CoreUI and love how clear the documentation is!

Top Features:

  • Free Vue dashboard

  • Well documented

  • Mobile friendly, cross-browser compatibility

  • 100+ reusable and customizable widgets

Live Demo | Learn More

11. Vue Element Admin

Vue Element Admin is another open source Vue dashboard. Built with the Element UI library, it’s incredibly popular with over 63K stars on its Github.

For a free tool, there are an insane number of components, pages, and features included in Vue Element Admin.

With features like login permissions, text editors, data exporting already built in, this is a great choice for developers who want a powerful dashboard and are willing to put in some extra work writing code.

Top Features:

  • Open source

  • Responsive elements

  • Tons of features

  • Highly customizable

Live Demo | Learn More

12. Vuestic Admin

Vuestic Admin is a free Vue.js admin template with 44+ custom UI components.

I really like the blue design of the default app, but there is also a light mode built in to the dashboard.

Vuestic Adminn is highly customizable to match any of your dashboard needs and the design is a sleek and professional way to present your data.

Top Features:

  • Free Admin template

  • Highly customizable with 44+ elements

  • Multiple themes

  • Responsive design

Live Demo | Learn More

13. Bootstrap Vue Argon Dashboard Pro

This dashboard by Creative Tim is one of my favorites visually. All of the elements just look so clean, present data efficiently, and everything is very easy to customize.

With over 200 components that can all be modified using the SASS stylings, development is a breeze when working with this template.

I think the demo speaks for itself so definitely check it out.

Top Features:

  • 200+ elements

  • Responsive Bootstrap dashboard

  • 17 customized plugins

  • Excellent documentation

Live Demo | Learn More

14. Vue Material Template

Built with Vuetify and Material design principles, this template by FlatLogic is a gorgeous way to start building your admin dashboard.

With three different color themes and a dark mode, there are so many ways to make the template your own.

Like many of the others on this list, Vue Material Template also comes with vue-router and Vuex set up in the project!

Top Features:

  • Smooth, responsive design

  • Vuetify and Material Design based

  • Three color themes AND a dark mode

  • Vuex and Vue-Router support

Live Demo | Learn More

15. Light Blue Vue Lite

Light Blue Vue Lite is one of the best free dashboard templates out there.

Its design is easy to look at – nothing clashes and the slight transparency on all of the widgets bring the entire dashboard together.

With a fully responsive design built on Vue and Bootstrap, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Top Features:

  • Free admin dashboard

  • Built with Vue and Bootstrap

  • Transparent design

Live Demo | Learn More

16. Vue Material Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard is another free resource using Vue Material. It’s a great template to build a quick app and can even be used for larger apps if you’re willing to do some extra coding yourself.

The code itself is well documented and easy to customize – and even comes with Vue Router already set up for you.

Top Features:

  • Free template

  • Uses Vue Material

  • Well Documented Code

Live Demo | Learn More

17. Vue Now UI Dashboard Pro

The final template on this list is Vue Now UI Dashboard Pro – a Bootstrap and Vue-based dashboard.

One thing I really like about this resource is that its design perfectly matches a website template on Creative Tim. This means that you can have your frontend and admin dashboard look cohesive – providing an extra level of professionalism and polish to your project.

Top Features:

  • Over 160+ custom elements

  • Paired with Vue Now UI Kit Pro

  • Vue Router included

  • Easy to understand design

  • Well documented

Live Demo | Learn More


And there we have it!

I hope you found a few dashboard templates that will inspire your next Vue project.

If there are any dashboards that you think deserve to be on this list let me know in the comments or shoot me an email at matt@learnvue.co.

Happy coding!

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