🎁 An Updated Vue3 Cheatsheet to Start Off 2021 | Newsletter Archive: January 7, 2021

Happy New Year!

Here’s an updated version of our Vue cheatsheet – complete with some key Vue3 features (Composition API, lifecycle hook changes, Vite, etc.)

Articles of the Week

​Creating Your First Vue3 Project – A Vue Tutorial LearnVue
Want to learn more about Vue3? Vite? The Composition API? No worries. In this full tutorial, we’ll walk through creating your first Vue3 project and getting up and running in Vue3.​

​A Complete Guide to Vue Lifecycle Hooks – with Vue3 Updates LearnVue
Lifecycle hooks are a vital part of Vue – stay up to date with this complete guide to Vue lifecycle hooks.

Vue3 Lifecycle Diagram

​Top 15+ Professional Vue Admin Dashboard Templates – 2021LearnVue
Admin dashboards are a great way to display information in modern web apps. Check out our list of the top 15+ dashboards that you can use to speed up your dev process.

Build an Anime quiz app using Vuex helper methods Uma Victor
Learn all about Vuex helper methods, best practices, and more by building a cool Anime quiz application.

After a crazy few months, I’m back working on LearnVue – so be ready for more consistent articles, downloadables, and guides all 2021! 😌

Talk soon,

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