Some Vue3 Mini Projects to Build Now – Newsletter Archives #2

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Sent April 9, 2020


I hope everyone’s week is going great. On my side, there’s just a lot of time spent at home – which means a lot more time to learn VueJS and help share some great content.

If you missed last week’s newsletter, one of the biggest things I’ve started is posting Daily Vue tips – which mostly contain under 10 minute coding projects. Here are the ones from this week. 

A Beautiful Parallax Scrolling Effect in VueJS

A parallax scrolling effect is a beautiful way to add depth to your designs and to really make your site stand out. Check out how we implemented it in Vue3.

A VueJS Skeleton Loading Screen using Suspense Components

Implement a Vue3 skeleton loading screens to display a content outline while waiting for data to load – providing a great user experience.

Here are some other fantastic Vue resources that I’ve come across this week.

VueJS Functional Components

Understanding how to use functional components with JSX is a really great skill to have, especially with Vue3 coming soon. This article is a great overview of functional components.

VueJS and Dialogs

Modal dialogs are a common component for a ton of apps. In this article, you’ll discover a really smart design pattern for managing modals inside your project.  

Clean, Scalable Forms with Vue Composition API

Forms are a key part of every app; however, writing good form code can be a huge pain. Learn how to take full advantage of the Composition API to make your life easier.

A First Look at Vue Router in Vue3

Managing routes is an essential feature for most SPAs. With the new Vue Router in alpha stages, we can already start seeing how it works in Vue3.

That’s all for this week! Really quick, I’d just like to say thank you for growing this newsletter to over 2000 developers excited about Vue content. LearnVue has only been around for a few months, so it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come already!

As always, if you have requests for tutorials, just shoot me an email! 

Stay safe!

Matt Maribojoc